Mobile App Development

With over 70% of Americans having smart phones the most effective way to interact with your customers is through mobile apps. The ability to reach customers with notifications can increase sales and customer loyalty like nothing else can.

We start every mobile app project with a basic question: Why? Too many companies think they want an app but they don’t know why, they don’t have a purpose for the app. If your app is just your website content on a different platform people have no reason to download it. We start with the question “Why will someone download this and keep using it?” From there we have a framework to build off of.

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are critical to keeping customers engaged on the app. We implement the latest trends in app development to make sure it has a fresh, easy to use feel. Storyboards are used to discuss the path the user will take through the app before the coding begins. This allows us to quickly code the app once all the decisions are made on the design.

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