Video marketing is definitely a great new addition to use as part of your promotions. However, you may have some doubts about it still. Is it actually worth it to use videos to promote your business? More importantly, do you have sufficient resources for studying and applying video content as part of your overall marketing efforts?

The simple answer is: yes it is definitely worth it. Video is among the most profitable and versatile digital marketing tools that are currently available. The following are 7 reasons why you should be using video marketing.

1. Video Boosts Your Sales and Conversions

Videos can help you make substantial amounts of money. When a product video is added to your landing page your conversions can increase by up to 80%.

Video can lead to sales directly as well. According to studies, 74% of consumers who watch an explainer video on a product end up purchasing it. Basically you should start to create exciting product videos right away!

2. Videos Earn Excellent ROI

To help you get even more excited about video, 76% of businesses state that video offers them a good return on investment. Although video is still not the cheapest or easiest task in the world, it really pays off. Online video editing tools continue to improve and become more affordable as well. You can even make fairly decent videos with your smartphone.

3. Video Helps To Build Trust

The foundation of all sales and conversions is trust. Building trust is so important that it should be its own goal. The entire basis for content marketing is to build trust and create long-term relationships. Stop trying to sell all of the time and allow people to come to you instead through providing them with useful and interesting information.

4. Google Loves Videos

When you have videos posted on your website, visitors will have a tendency to spend more time on your site. Therefore, longer exposure helps to build of trust and is a sign for the search engines that there is good content on your website. Moovly reports that a site is 53 times more likely to be in the first spot on Google if there is a video embedded in the site. Since YouTube is owned by Google now, the affect that videos have on search engine rankings has increased significantly.

Be sure that your videos at YouTube are optimized for SEO. Write interesting descriptions and titles. Add a link to your website, services and products. Provide potential customers with a way for taking the next step. To encourage even more action, learn more about interactive videos.

5. Video Is Appealing For Mobile Users

Mobile and video are an ideal fit. Mobile video views increased by 400 percent from 2012 to 2014. YouTube reports that each year mobile video consumption increases by 100%. Since the number of smartphone users continues to grow and an increasing number of individuals like watching videos while on the go, your video audience continues to expand.

Google also reports that smartphone users are 1.4 times more likely than desktop viewers and twice as likely as television views to feel personally connected to brands showing ads or video content on their mobile devices.

6. Video Does A Great Job At Explaining Things

Are you launching a new service or product? If so, be sure to get a video created that shows how it works. It is very important since 98% of users state that they watched an explainer video in order to learn more about a service or product. This explains why 45% of business using video marketing state that there is an explainer video posted on the home page of their websites. 83% of these businesses state that their explainer video on the home page was effective. If you have a difficult concept that you need to explain create animated videos. It is something that can help bring certain concepts to life that live videos or text cannot.

7. Social Shares Are Encouraged By Video

Social networks have new features that help to encourage video content. Facebook has launched Lifestage (A Video-Centric App for Teens, Live Video and 3600 Video. Instagram has Instagram Stories and 60-Second Videos and Twitter has Periscope. Also, YouTube is the world’s second most popular social network.

However, video marketers need to keep in mind that individuals share emotions rather than facts

within social media contexts. 76% of all users state that if a branded video was entertaining they should share it with their friends. Therefore, if you want to encourage social shares, create entertaining and fun videos. Emotions don’t directly relate to ROI. However, social shares can help to increase traffic to your website.


Video advertising is increasingly becoming more widespread and affordable. This is part due to advanced technology and also due to the fact that it is so easy for it to spread all over the world. Creating marketing videos to promote your business requires knowledge about human psychology and creativity. The combination of all these components allows you to create highly effective advertising at very low cost.

Creative, emotionally charge videos can help to spread word about your product or service over the Internet in just a couple of days, and bring millions of views. It is the creative who survive in the wonderful world of video marketing.